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The Yorkshire Foot Hospital in Leeds is a dedicated Podiatric Surgery Unit within The Lawrence Clinic in Pudsey, specialising in both the diagnosis and treatment of foot and ankle disorders.

There is an enormous increase in the number of foot procedures undertaken in the UK.

Those who strive to be stylish and fashionable decide upon foot surgery as a way to both ease their foot pain and deformity whilst improving the overall appearance of their feet and return to their sport and other leisure activities without pain.

Modern surgical techniques allow quicker recovery with an excellent cosmetic outcome.

The most popular foot procedures we Offer

Bunion Surgery

Arthritic joint Surgery

Tailor’s Bunion Surgery

Claw toe Surgery

Retracted toe Surgery

Mallet toe Surgery

Toe shortening Surgery

Ganglion Surgery

Bursa Surgery

Achilles tendon Surgery

Heel pain Surgery

Ingrowing Toenail Surgery

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