Surgical Correction of Feet

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Foot surgery can be defined as “the surgical correction of foot problems, performed to improve the function of your feet to give them an enhanced look as well as removing painful deformities.”

You can choose to have the best of both worlds, a procedure that corrects a foot problem and also offers an elegant cosmetic result,if at the moment you are finding it hard to fit in your shoes, or finding your toes are in constant pain,book an appointment with Mr.Andrew Naismith CONSULTANT PODIATRIST

Foot correction procedures are extremely popular amongst women who wear designer shoes or high heels, or just want to return comfortably to sport and other leisure activities.

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Our Promise to You

From initial consultation to final discharge, each patient is always given the opportunity to extensively discuss their proposed treatment plan with their Consultant Podiatric Surgeon, we are supported by a highly qualified team of Podiatrists, Theatre and nursing staff backed by a 24 hour on-call team. We offer a follow up service for redressings which must be adhered to.

Foot Surgery May Become Necessary if:

  • you present with an embarrassing foot condition
  • you want to be able to wear high heels
  • you have feet that are unable to fit comfortably into shoes
  • you suffer acute pain whilst wearing shoes
  • you are unable to play and enjoy your sport
  • you don’t like the way your feet look
Image of hammertoes

A common deformity that can easily be treated

How is Surgery Undertaken?

Over 98% of our patients request that their foot procedures to be undertaken under local anaesthesia to avoid the potential harmful effects of general anaesthesia and overnight hospital stays.

All our surgery is performed as an Outpatient procedure.

Most operations take less than 1 hour and allow you to weightbear early and avoid the need for plaster casts so you can return to work, active sports enthusiasts will be able to wear their sports shoes earlier, most patients return to recreational footwear within 2 weeks.

Surgical Treatments

Some of the most popular foot procedures we provide include:

  • Bunion Surgery
  • Arthritic joint Surgery
  • Tailor’s Bunion Surgery
  • Claw toe Surgery
  • Retracted toe Surgery
  • Mallet toe Surgery
  • Toe shortening Surgery
  • Ganglion Surgery
  • Bursa Surgery
  • Achilles tendon Surgery
  • Heel pain Surgery
  • Ingrowing Toenail Surgery


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